Dog Spa Bath & Grooming Packages

Dog Spa Bath & Grooming Packages

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Dog Spa Bath - $50 per dog

Shampoo & Conditioning, Your Choice of Bath Type available:

Oatmeal Fresh - Nourishing solution, Deodorizer & Moisturizer

Hydrating Oatmeal & Coconut Water - For Beautiful Healthy Coat

Allergy Relief Lavender & Rosemary - Calms irritations in dog's skin from Seasonal Allergies

Sensitive Skin Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free - Uses Chamomile to help soothe sensitive skin

Partial Grooming (Coat Trim) - $75 per dog

Partial Grooming INCLUDES Dog Spa Bath above PLUS Massage Therapy, Coat Trim and De-shredding session!

Full Service Grooming (Coat Trim + MORE) - $100 per dog

Full Service Grooming INCLUDES Dog Spa Bath and Massage Therapy, PLUS Coat Trim, De-shredding session, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, and Palm Balm!



🐾 Nail Trim (+ $15)

We use a nail grinder instead of cutters prevent any injury to the nail bed.

🐾 Paw Balm (+ $5)

Paw Balm relieves dry, cracked skin on your dog's nose and paws. Unscented, free of sulfates, parabens, & artificial colors

🐾 Ear Cleaning (+ $5)

Prevents hearing loss, improves hearing, helps prevent ear infections, prevents trapped water in the ear canal, flushes out mites, ticks, and other critters that flock to the ear, prevents ear itch and discomfort

🐾 Massage Therapy (+ $3)

Canine Massage Therapy benefits include improved blood circulation and better muscles health. Great for older adult and senior pup ages 7+. Bonus: It just feels so dog 'gon good!

🐾 Flea/Tick Kill Bath (+ $5)

Kills flea, ticks, and their eggs on contact. Does not replace monthly topical, however, greatly helps to rid pests on the dogs skin and fur, with the immediate use of a monthly flea/tick topical.

🐾 Antifungal Bath (+ $5)

Veterinary approved shampoo formula that will treat skin inflammation, treats bacterial skin fungus and infections. For best results, schedule an antifungal bath every one to two weeks, 7 times.

🐾 Hydrating Argan Oil Treatment (+ $5)

Hydrating with Argan oil Shampoo helps restore the natural luster of your dog's coat. This unique formulation includes a special vitamin complex blend of nutrients that helps maintain the health of your dog's coat and skin.

🐾 DeShredding Treatment (+ $5)

Shea butter, green tea leaf extract, and awapuhi mixture help relieve shredding and dander with our de-shredding tool