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Crowdfunding Venture | Donate

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Doggy Daycare & Animal Boarding Facility

Hello Everyone! Especially Animal Lovers and PetParents. I desire to Build or Buy a proper Doggy Daycare and Animal Boarding facility in the Maryland area (commercial property, ranch/field, or vacant lot, etc).

Having 7+ years experience with caring for dogs & cats, I am looking to expand and grow. I have built wonderful relationships with amazing PetParents and their lovable fur babies. This field has become a passion of mine and I would like to be of service to even more families with dogs, kittens, etc. An animal sanctuary that when PetParents are away for an extended period of time enjoying a much needed vacation, work travel, social event, handling an emergency, weekend getaway, holidays, moving, last minute changes, or simply a night out, they can know their animal is being taken care of properly with love & patience.

I would like to create a space that allows "Your dog to vacation, while you're on vacation". A place where your animal can be active, run, jump, play, exercise, be social or secluded if they like. An environment where your animal can enjoy walks and a puppy pool on a nice day, and offer senior dog care, special needs care, and qualified dog grooming & training on-site. I also found that this can create NEW JOBS for working and willing adults, or volunteer efforts for the youth. I am super excited to expand the community and bring the love of animals to everyone.

I have prayed on this and have been filled with peace & joy. Join me in helping make this dream a reality!

• Ideal Location - Baltimore City, East Baltimore Area.  Commercial area or ranch, large high fenced field
• Funds will be used to secure the location and start up costs
• Updates will be given throughout the entire process
• To be up and running in 6-12months after reaching the goal, with your help!

Please Share with your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone who you feel would love to participate in this crowdfunding venture. I am extremely grateful for your time and donation.

$625 Total Raised

of $500,000 goal



• 10/20/2020 - Trade Mark & Service Mark paperwork submitted to the US Trademark Office

• 5/26/2020 - Company Brand Name and Company Logo released, Marketing Strategy implemented, "PUPPAWS and PUPPAWS & COMPANY" (Puppaws, Puppaws.Co)

• 2/1/2020 - Logo and Branding implemented. Soft Launch

• 11/1/2019 - PUPPAWS, LLC Filed and business bank account opened

• 11/21/2013 - Founded